Finding Inner Peace

by Jom Rapstar

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This album is literally about finding inner peace.


released August 21, 2015

All songwriting was done by Joseph K G Miler aka Jom Rapstar and all compositions are credited to the songwriter as well as Wardove, Justin Appley, Tom Davids, and Ama Amon.



all rights reserved


Jom Rapstar Portland, Oregon

Jom Rapstar is a Hip Hop artist from Portland, Oregon. He went from an abused child to an up and coming star.Jom Rapstar. He is also an EMA nominee for 2012, has his own channel on VEVO, and got a spot on MTV.

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Track Name: Marajuana Chain Smoking
--na chain smoking
Marijuana chain smoking
Marijuana chain ain smok-ing
Marijuana chain smoking
Marajuana chain smoking
Marijuana chain smoking marijuana chain smoke and I get real high just to keep calm marijuana smoking marijuana to smoke and don't make me angry I explode like a bomb
Marijuana chain smoking marijuana a chain smoking it's a good day to get real high marijuana chain smoking marijuana a chain smoking after that we could go on a bike ride
Marijuana chain smoking marijuana chain smoking its Dab season its dab season marijuana chain smoking chain smoking its dab season you need another reason
[Verse 1]
Yo yo back in the days when I was young growing up
Before I was marijuana chain smoking and even had a dream about blowing up
I still treat every holiday as the seasons greeting but little did I know I was in 4 A string beatings
It all started when I was 9 years old
Getting beat with a fishing pole for not doing what I was told
And other terrible things you could do to a child
And so I got anger problems that's far from mild
When I got angry I said and did things that were not my style
I used to be against smoking pot until I found it can help me manage my anger
Making nasty comments on Facebook and tagging you know who doesn't that seem stranger
Yeah, I've destroyed property, but I'm glad I didn't put anyone in danger
All because my emotions got the best of me
And if I don't keep it in check it will be a recipe for disaster
That's why I smoke heavy I'm even doing dads I do this to keep calm I don't care if you mad im plus I can use it to keep from having a panic attack
And that's exactly what I do so just relax
Copeland A?
This is what I say
You ain't got to get involved but please stay out my way
Because we don't play not tomorrow not today
I even take a DAB and then take my trike down the road way
In my tour two after I blaze because we're
[Verse 2]
People say I often get atoo worked up and need to take a breather
But little did they know I'm prone to panic attacks and seizures
So you're goddamn right I smoked a bunch of reefer
And I just ask that you not interfere you don't have to be a believer
Or get involved in it just let us chief up and then light some Keefe up
Because we need this just so you can see this okay Butthead and Beavis
Jesus why does everybody have to make a big deal about the ganja
Because they're brainwashed and don't know that that's the only waay we can settle any drama
People are going to end up dead from the pharmaceuticals I'm just being honest
They're only out to make a profit
They won't be bringing no cure so just stop it
In fact put a sock in it before your shoe ends up with the rock in it
Ya Rock of shit
Because I got a pipe loaded and an oil rig
And a torch about ready to take an earl hit
And then go on an earl ride as soon as I can get a tandem or trailer I might let your girl ride
And I'm not religious so I think you better hope I don't have a portable enclosure
Because I might take her out to the woods just a seduce her
And some of you look like sore losers i weed ride the tour 2 it used to be the cruiser
We're still
[Verse 3]
This is what I do every morning when I wake up
I load of bull and a DAB just to bake up
This is medicine you don't need to shake up
People you were lied to by crooked politicians you might want to wake up
Marijuana is completely harmless
If you have a bong or rig blow up in your face that means you're retarded but regardless
There's ways to avoid that sometimes I could care less what I say that you are annoyed at
But you are free to go just give me my weed smoke
And some Earl to toke
As long as I got that in my light
I will be doing just right
And I can hit Mary Jane all night
And it feel real nice
And the ganja nearly saved my life
Yeah I nearly save my life
And I don't care what you think
in fact I'm makin earl in the sink
And then I'm going to light up some dank so go ahead and take that to the bank boy
Marijuana chain smoke smokin dads and shatter until next time blaze up don't forget the keef don't forget the dad pen and the oil rig do do do doodles
Track Name: The Other Side
[Verse 1]
You may have the perfect life but what do you know
Because you never know when it's your time to go
To all the deceased we honor the names
Which means god bless the memory of Veronica James
Virla woods beverly bussy uncle jimmy my grandpa and monah beesecker
This game of life is chess not checkers
Beverly had an aneurysm grandpa passed from leukemia
Veronica was found murdered in the driveway of an empty home and answers are what myself and her other loved ones are dreaming of
And in my mind I can hear Beverly and Grandpa are telling me to keep my head up and Veronica telling me to chill
and no matter what you do just to keep it real
So that's a promise I I intend to keep
the future of a priceless lion is bleak
at the beginning you may be at your peak
but you could be gone at the end of the week
People tell me to take deep breaths, but I can breathe better while stoned
I get animated then get in the zone
and have music blaring through my headphones
let’s all make peace before they see our headstones
and all my short comings only inspire me to write a song
and my apologies to whoever I did wrong
and your probably wondering, Joe, what took you so long?

I couldn’t cry when my loved ones dies,
but I hope to see them on the other side
I thought I could do no wrong and had too much pride,
until I had a good look at the other side,
at the other side,
I hope to see my fam on the other side, on the other side,
I thought I could do no wrong and had too much pride,
until I had a good look at the other side

[Verse 2]
Rest in peace to Travon Martin, Troy Davis, and Mike brown
as long as there’s injustice, we ain’t goin’ pipe down
and speaking of justice, we don’t want it now, but right now
I’m trying to make peace with everybody, I ain’t trying to fight now
and you say when somebody dies, it’s hard to believe
and they get mad at me when I where my heart on my sleeve
Well, that’s one chance to express how you feel
and tell your story, you know the deal
and the only rule of thumb here is to keep it real
and I intend to keep that promise, cmon let’s be honest
because when you try to hide your feelings, there’s no honor
because you can be here today, gone tomorrow
and all your loved ones would be in sorrow
and you can or cannot care
and I might take my place upstairs
but I’m not ready to leave my loved ones in despair
I just hope you are aware
that everybody here’s a shining star
and I guess we are who we are


[Verse 3]
I’ve done a lot of damage that I cannot undo
all because I came unglued
I’ve said things that I knew were untrue
all because I couldn’t control my emotions, what has it come to
I threw a chair over a bridge, I made a bar owner’s daughter feel threatened
all out of anger and rage, but I’ll never be that loony that popped John Lennon
So, Joe, what’s the deal? Hmmm, you want the short or long answer?
before I started smoking more bud, my anger and rage spread like lung cancer,
or any other type of cancer, including leukemia, the one that killed my grandpa
People still do things for me, but I don’t take it for granted
I’ve been there, and I ain’t taking no more chances
I’ve burned bridges,I’ve betrayed people’s trust
What was it over? Nothing but lust.
they tried to be there for me, but I threw them under the bus
I’m one of many with P.T.S.D., and nobody wants to deal with us
I’ve destroyed what I was still building
I was upset that she wasn’t being fair, but why did I make a comment about kidnapping her children?
Jesus Joseph, Even if she has just one, I doesn’t make a difference
It’s still wrong and you KNOW IT!
She didn’t give you a chance because she knew you’d BLOW IT!
Hey we all do stupid shit, so get over it.
because all that ignorant shit is over with
people think I’m hypocritical, but I’ve learned the hard way
It doesn’t take much to turn an easy day into a hard day
but it’s harder vise versa
you can hold a grudge as long as you want, but you are the only one you’ll hurt love
and get the worst of
your own outbursts, duh!
We got two wolves inside of us, one with compassion and generosity
the other with jealousy and greed
the one the wins is the one you feed.